The Modern Miserable Man

Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Your sex life sucks.
  • Your kids drive you crazy. 
  • Your 'good' job is sucking your soul dry.
  • You drink too much, overeat, and don't sleep enough.
  • You're out of shape and overweight.

Here's what you might be wanting instead.

To like your wife. Not just love her, but really like her.

And for her to really like you. You want to be more than just colleagues in the household enterprise, you want to be friends and lovers, with a shared enthusiasm for your lives.

You want kids who are delightful to be around. They help around the house to a far greater degree than in most modern families. They manage their own affairs and you’re not helicoptering, bulldozing or coddling them. The house is neat and organized, and they are a part of the solution.

And finally you want to get some space from all of it. You get some time to yourself, to spend with other men who inspire you. You do cool stuff that you can look back on and say ‘that was badass.’

In short, you’re The Man.

And of course The Man is fit. You’ve a flat belly, only one chin, and you’re not on the fast track to diabetes, a heart attack and early dementia. 

I offer private coaching to help you get these results.  

This is not coaching to merely adjust your state of mind and hope that things change on the outside.   

The outcome of this coaching is that you take powerful action.  Action that changes the external features of your life.   To start with, your marriage will change, your kids will be happier (and easier to be around), and you'll get into shape.   

Greg's Face

To get started, click below to set up a free consult call.   We'll do a deep dive into all that ails you.  You'll hear some things you've never heard before. You'll understand exactly how you're stuck, and you'll see how to get what you want.

Comments from my coaching clients...


Since I started working with you I’ve made a lot of changes.

To be honest, drinking was a symptom of not handling situations, not managing my thoughts. I had bad anxiety back when we started. I have so much less now. I got out of being fucking super anxious.

I'm a stronger leader in my household and a stronger leader at work. 


One of your superpowers is calling me out on my bullshit in a way that’s constructive.

You’ve got a razor wit in terms of ability to formulate these questions in a way that makes me immediately go ‘why didn’t I think of it that way?’ You can dissect a life situation that’s causing me a lot of stress and enable me to see options to change things in order to feel and act better.


I would say if a person truly wants to change, and is fed up with the lack of results in every other way that they’ve tried, having Greg to talk to is incredibly beneficial. I just don't see how it couldn't improve someone's situation, even if they don't think they can do it. I thought it was a very worthwhile investment, and if someone's on the fence, just do it.


I was making a lot of excuses around not doing the things I wanted to. Through my coaching sessions with Greg I found the power to stop my excuses.

This process has changed my mindset and allowed me to be more present in other areas of my life. Since becoming a client of Greg’s I’ve taken my evenings back, and now we’ve moved into other areas of life coaching and it’s all been a tremendous help.


Working with Greg has helped me make significant improvements in my personal life and in my relationships. He helped me learn new methods that I now use with the problems that I face. I feel calmer and more centered when responding to emotional issues.


I’ve made great strides towards my ultimate goal. It’s a path, a gradual transition and I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made. I look forward to continuing that work.

You make me think about myself in a different way. It opened up my mind a light about what motivates me, what’s right for me, how I could treat myself and improve myself, in ways that I never thought before.