Did you know that it’s okay to want to drink less? And that if you’re having a hard time, that there’s nothing wrong with you? 

The only thing wrong has been your approach.

  • Trying to guilt yourself into cutting back.
  • Focusing on the action of drinking instead of the root cause.
  • Thinking that something in your life has to change before you change your drinking.

In my one-on-one coaching program (over the phone or Zoom) I teach a unique approach that uses elements of mindfulness and modern neuroscience to change your relationship with alcohol.  

When you learn how to pay attention to yourself instead of just going through life on autopilot, you can eliminate the excess desire which fuels unwanted drinking.  

It becomes easy to drink less, without relying on willpower, and without you feeling like you’re missing out. 

Why would you want to drink less?

Physical Wellbeing
  • To feel better
  • For sounder sleep
  • To lose weight
Emotional Wellbeing
  • Drop the shame and regret 
  • Experience pride and confidence instead
  • Face & fix your problems instead of tolerating them.
To Live Larger
  • Stop settling for mediocrity
  • Find purpose and drive
  • Have more real fun

Can you relate?

Here are some of the ways my clients talk about their issues before they work with me.  

  • I just don't have anything else rewarding going on in my life.
  • I'm just phoning it in, to my work and my home life.
  • I drink too much and then I eat a bunch of crap.
  • I want to be able to just have a couple of drinks socially and that's it. 
  • It's just this one area that I can't seem to get control over.
  • I just want to be in control.

It's a drag, right?

But maybe not a crisis, yet.   And that almost makes it tougher to tackle.   If you were a real mess, surely you'd take action, right? And then you'd have a compelling reason to take care of it.  But right now it's tough to find the motivation to rock the boat.  

Drink Less, Stop Settling For Less

Life can be amazing.   Even your life, right now.   The ingredients are there.

But drinking too much gets in the way.  It depletes your energy.  It makes it so that nothing else is very interesting. It steals your confidence.  And worst of all, it makes the resulting situation tolerable, so that you keep putting up with it year after year.

When you tackle this drinking issue, and apply these tools to the rest of your life, you'll see everything get better.   Your personal and social relationships will improve.  You'll show up differently at work- maybe you'll get a raise, or quit, or start a business.   You'll overcome procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing. 

You won't tolerate anything less than amazing.

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" Greg puts the power of changing your perspectives, reactions, and behaviors squarely in your own hands. I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from what Greg has to offer."


"If you want to experience full emotional freedom fast, go to Gregory. His coaching style is direct, yields fast results, and is supportive and compassionate too. In just one session I felt a deeper level of happiness and ease that I had not experienced in some time. Thank you Gregory."


" Working with Greg has helped me make significant improvements in my personal life and in my relationships. He helped me learn new methods that I now use with the problems that I face. I feel calmer and more centered when responding to emotional issues.

Greg has helped me to learn greater
acceptance, not only for who I am, but also for who others are as well.


I'm Greg.

I used to really love beer.  Now I really love life and merely enjoy alcohol.

I help people live bigger, fuller, more connected lives by enabling them to change their relationship with alcohol.