2 Things To Do To Change Your Drinking Habit

Are you looking to change your drinking habit, but finding it hard?

What are the things you should if you want to change your drinking habit to change your life?

If you want to change your life by changing your drinking habit, here are 2 things you should do:

  • Decide to do it
  • Be willing to feel your feelings

If you’re drinking this week as you did last week and the week before, it’s because you haven’t made a different decision.

You have decided that the status quo is acceptable.

It’s an easy decision of course; you’ve been making it for a while now.

You’ve practiced it.

You’re good at it.

How does that make you feel?

Speaking of feelings…

What happens when you think about making a different decision?

A feeling.

Probably fear. Maybe some shame.

If you aren’t willing to experience those new feelings, you won’t decide.

You’ll go back to that status quo feeling. It sucks too, but it’s familiar.

Okay, let’s say you go ahead and decide, and you feel that fear. It’s not so bad, right?

Very soon, you’ll have an urge to drink and you’ll need to say no.

Not every time, because you don’t have to quit.

Just this time.

Because you decided.

You’re going to feel something:

Deprivation.  Urgency.  Unresolved.

Can you withstand it?

Well, I know you can, that’s what I teach you to do, to be willing to feel those feelings.

Okay, when you get past that urgency, what’s next?

There might be some other feelings you’ve been using alcohol to hide from:





Can you feel them?

Yes again, because that’s what I teach you to do.

Because I’ve done it.

And I’m doing it.

Feeling the feelings.

Making decisions.

Moving forward.


What if you never experience that fear again, what could you do in your life?

You’d be a badass, right?

What if you still had the fear, but were willing to feel it, what could you do?

Same thing!

You’d be a badass!

A badder-ass actually.

You’d get ‘er done.

A decision at a time.

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