There are lots of great reasons to drink less.  

What you most want is to feel  In control.

I don’t have a dramatic story of alcohol-induced crises and subsequent recovery. I drank a few beers every day, more on the weekends, and alcohol was pretty central to my life.  Things were 'fine'. 

However my preoccupation with craft beer kept me from noticing the mediocrity I was settling for in myself and my life.  I was lucky enough to get a wake-up call which led me to change my relationship with alcohol.    

What I know now drinking less is unequivocally better.  Waking up feeling fresh is far more valuable than that second beer.   A middle age body can be strong and flexible and do things it couldn't at age 25.  Every day is too valuable to spend with a hangover.   And that you can have a far more fun, interesting, and satisfying life when that buzz is no longer your daily reward.

Labels like ‘alcoholic’ are worse than useless.  They lead to all-or-nothing thinking that suggests that everything is fine until at some arbitrary point the ONLY solution is to declare oneself powerless, join AA, and commit to abstinence forever.

The fact is that plenty of people don’t need to quit, but they would benefit greatly from cutting back.   They just haven’t yet figured out how to do it, and they’re not even sure it’s possible.   I'm here to tell you that reliable enjoyable moderation is absolutely an achievable goal when you’re armed with the right techniques and support.   

I could have tried this all on my own and I wouldn’t have gotten near the results

"One of your superpowers is calling me out on my bullshit in a way that’s constructive. You call it out in a way that makes me have a different type of reflection. I can be tied to my own perspective and you give me a different frame of reference that allows me to have an outside-looking-in-view on what I’m thinking.

It allows me to separate myself from my perceived problem. You’ve got a razor wit in terms of ability to formulate these questions in a way that makes me immediately go ‘why didn’t I think of it that way?’ You can dissect a life situation that’s causing me a lot of stress and enable me to see options to change things in order to feel and act better."


I don’t feel helpless any longer.

"For me a big part of my drinking problem was was just letting it happen. As we talked I came to understand the difference between letting life happen to you versus being an active participant in your life. That one thing has helped in all areas of my life. 


My Drinking Story

I loved beer since I was 17.  First budweiser, then craft beer, then my own award-winning homebrew.     

It seemed like mostly fun and games, but I really wasn’t paying attention.   I didn’t realize how stale the important things in life were - my marriage, career development, and social life - because drinking made it all seem tolerable. 

Then I found myself back on the dating scene, and it was hard!   It led me to start exercising and losing weight, and I just didn’t want to be numbed out in the same way I'd been used to.    I launched myself onto an exciting path of personal growth and I was drinking a lot less.  

However it wasn’t until I trained to become a life coach that I really transformed my relationship with alcohol. Until then I mostly had used willpower and discipline to drink less.  But alcohol was still pretty important to me, and in fact my new girlfriend (now my wife) worried about my drinking.

I used what I learned in my coach training to eliminate the excess desire that remained.  I changed those old stories that were creating desire, and created a new identity around who I was in relation to drinking.  Armed with this knowledge and a few powerful techniques, the habit completely lost its power over me.

It’s easy to drink less, and the rest of my life is so much more engaging and fun as a result.

More About Me

I grew up in the Virginia countryside where I developed a love for outdoor activities.  At different times I've been obsessed with hard core whitewater kayaking, archery, timber frame construction, and guitar.   I was an avid homebrewer and made over 1000 gallons of delicious IPA.  That's brew day in the picture above.  

My latest passion is triathlon.  At the time I write this I'm less than a month away from doing a Half-Ironman, consisting of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run.  

I earned a degree in mechanical engineering, and worked for 20 years for a manufacturing company as an operations engineer and then as an systems analyst and manager in IT.

I quit all that in 2007 to fulfill a dream of becoming a craftsman and entrepreneur, and I ran my own construction business for 10 years.

I have a wonderful daughter in her 20's.   After having been divorced twice,  I've figured out how to be a good partner in  a loving and fun relationship, largely because of what I learned in my coaching.    I remarried and am currently living in Mozambique, in Africa, following my wife Monique's career.

And now I’m a life coach for people who want to take control of their drinking. 

I've had a lot of life experience, with failures and successes. I lived most of my life taking great pride in my logical and analytical nature.  I prioritized career and  hobbies over my relationships, and was often a real pain-in-the-ass to my loved ones.  Then I discovered coaching, and found new power and happiness through embracing my emotions instead of rejecting and repressing them.

This experience and well-roundedness is what enables me to understand the challenges you face and to help you solve them.

When you find a life coach like me who will meet you where you are,

  • without judgement,
  • with real life experience and excellent training, and
  • who is a master of creating personal transformation in himself and in clients,

you should talk with him.

You can reach out to me via the Contact button at the bottom of the page.  

Ready to start drinking less?  The Drink Decider is an easy-to-use resource which will help you to ease into a new relationship with alcohol.