How To Be More Effective

Think about something in your life that should be different than it is.   What comes up - your job, finances, weight, wife …?

Ponder how it should be vs how it actually is.

That’s Resistance. Notice how it makes you FEEL. Check in with your body and observe what’s happening. You might feel muscle tension, a pit in your stomach, heart racing, or shallow breathing.

Our culture prides itself on resistance and struggle. It sees it as a sign of strength.

However resistance results in REaction. At its best, reaction is weaker and less creative than action. More often it’s actually counterproductive.

This same culture resists Acceptance. Acceptance is equated with passivity, with giving in, giving up.

I see things differently.   I’m working on Acceptance.  All.The.Time.   As much as my awareness will allow.

Acceptance is the foundation for Action.  Action beats Reaction. Action lets you create a future you want, instead of keeping you reacting to your past.  

Whatever has happened, whatever is happening right now, just accept it and go with the flow. You can’t change it in this moment. Accept it.

Notice how that feels - relaxed, open, curious.  From that clean mental and emotional space, ask yourself ‘now what?’.

This thing you’ve accepted - would you be willing to keep accepting it for a while longer? If yes, then do that.

If not - formulate an idea to change it. Identify one next step. Take powerful Action. Create your future.

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