Reduce Your Drinking

by 50-75%

DELIBERATE DRINKING is the 3-step process that will put you back in control.

Watch the video to get started immediately.

Over the next several days I’m going to be sending you a series of additional trainings which take you step-by-step through the guts of the exact process I outline in the video.

What's next?

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind-a-guy and you’ve got the time and discipline to do it the hard way, this process will get you going in the right direction. And here's how to know if you're ready to DIY - if you start tonight and in a week you're still working it.  

But if you’re seriously ready to be done with this problem in the shortest possible time, so you can be free of the worry and regret that is occupying too much of your mental bandwidth, you need a coach.

I’m sure that in your professional life you’ve seen the value of leverage, when small inputs create out-of-proportion outputs. Coaching gives you that kind of leverage.  

There’s nothing like having expert guidance to keep you on track, especially when the going gets tough.    And as you saw from the video, the key to transformation is insight.   My experience and training allows me to show you what’s really going on in your mind so that you can get the leverage to change it. 

I offer an initial free consultation where we'll identify the specific factors that are driving your drinking and making it hard for you drink in a way that supports the life you want.   I'll show you how to apply the process described in the video to your exact situation, and I'll help you articulate the compelling WHY that will fuel you through the transformation you want.

Give yourself an hour to find out how coaching can get you where you want to be in the quickest most efficient way possible. If you're ready to stop drinking too much and start fulfilling your desire to drink less, then click the button below to see if Deliberate Drinking is right for you.   

Here's a preview of the transformation you'll undergo when you commit to Deliberate Drinking.

Where are you are now ...

  • You feel like crap: You’re living with constant feelings of regret and worry, because you know you need to take action to cut back, but you’re not doing anything about it.
  • You make half-assed commitments that you don't keep: Your version of commitment involves  waking up in the morning feeling crappy and thinking how you don’t want to drink tonight. But when afternoon rolls around, that morning resolve has withered away.
  • You block yourself from progress: When you drink too much you beat yourself up, which adds to the stress that’s one of the reasons you’re drinking in the first place. And worse, all this judgement makes it impossible for you to actually learn about yourself. Judgement and curiosity can’t coexist, and curiosity is what you need in order to really identify why you’re making the decisions you make so you can learn to act differently.
  • Something else is wrong: There are parts of your life that you’re seriously unsatisfied with. You’ve got the career, the family, the possessions, all the stuff you were told to strive for, but something’s not right. Thankfully a few drinks dull the ache so you can keep on pretending that everything’s fine.

Where you'll be ...

  • Immediate relief: You’ll experience immediate relief at having finally taken a stand and made a commitment to yourself.  You'll feel a weight lift from your shoulders from the very beginning. 
  • Trusting yourself: I’m going to put you on a protocol that will enable you to make meaningful and realistic commitments to yourself. You’ll experience a sense of security from being on a proven path with a clear structure. You’ll create evidence that in fact you actually are someone who can make commitments and follow through on them.
  • Drinking Less: You’ll quickly make significant reductions in how much you drink, which will have you feeling better physically and emotionally.
  • Whole-life transformation: We'll be doing a deep dive into your life, looking at it holistically to uncover what else is really bugging you (I guarantee there's something). It might be challenges in your marriage, dissatisfaction with work or even serious burnout, or a missing sense of purpose. When you clearly can identify the problem, you can face it head on instead of hiding from it, and we’ll get you solidly on the path to fixing the issue. 

You’ve got great discipline in other parts of your life. Now you want the same control over your drinking.

You've quit entirely for weeks at a time.

It felt great, and convinced you that weren’t an alcoholic. But within a few weeks of starting back up, you were back to drinking exactly how you did before the break.

You’ve tried things like counting drinks or journaling

But you just managed to turn that into an exercise in self abuse - scolding yourself into trying to drink less - and the result was that you actually drank more!

Maybe you've even been to 'a meeting'

But after the 3rd person telling a really sad story, you realize that AA isn't for you.  Anyway you're not into all the God stuff, and the idea of having to report to sponsor for the rest of your life gives you the willies.

Until now, there's just not been help out there for guys like you.

Your only choice has been try to to figure out on your own how to achieve that magical in-between, or keep going until you crash and burn and then have to quit entirely.

Things are different now.  Here is a proven approach that is specifically geared towards helping you achieve that perfect in-between amount of drinking.  

Comments from my coaching clients...

Mike From Arizona

I was going to say that the number one thing was the quantity reduction. But honestly just the fact that I think about drinking differently is a huge success. I am more aware of what it is about drinking that I enjoy, and also what I don’t enjoy. That ultimately is what led to my quantity being a quarter of where I was eight weeks ago.

In eight weeks I cut it down by 75%. That's significant and I feel better and I feel like I have the tools to carry me through and help me maintain success and actually even continue to improve.

James from Denver

I was making a lot of excuses around not doing the things I wanted to in the evening. Through my coaching sessions with Greg I found the power to stop my excuses, and now my nights are what I make of them.

I’ve reduced my drinking to what feels like the perfect level (by more than a half) and I enjoy my nights more than when I was drinking more (to my surprise). It feels good to be in control.

This process has changed my mindset and allowed me to be more present in other areas of my life. Since becoming a client of Greg’s I’ve taken my evenings back, and now we’ve moved into other areas of life coaching and it’s all been a tremendous help.

RB from California

I’ve made great strides towards my ultimate goal. It’s a path, a gradual transition and I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made. I look forward to continuing that work. I’ve reduced my drinking by about 30% and I want to go further with it.

You make me think about myself in a different way. It opened up my mind a light about what motivates me, what’s right for me, how I could treat myself and improve myself, in ways that I never thought before.

If you're ready to stop drinking too much and to start living a life that you feel great about, then book a call.  Use the calendar below to grab your spot.

Frequently asked questions

Is moderation realistic for me?

This program is not intended for people who consider themselves ‘real alcoholics’, have physical addiction symptoms, or who are facing serious repercussions from their drinking.

But if you’re someone who just drinks a little too much, whether that's a few too many drinks each night, or the occasional failure of your off-switch, moderation is possible. The black-and-white thinking that tells you that your only choice is to quit entirely is based on 85 year-old pseudo-science and moralistic thinking. Modern neuroscience and psychology, and the experience of me and my clients, says otherwise.

I know a lot about this subject already, what’s new here?

Most of what you’ve heard focuses on changing your action of drinking, without giving you any tools to understand and modify the underlying mindset that drive the action. And those approaches expect that all of a sudden you can turn into someone who creates new habits overnight.
My approach gets under the hood of your brain, and it expects you to be a regular human who doesn’t do things perfectly the first time.

Can I use this process to quit?

Absolutely. The end goal of the process is for you to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about drinking that makes it easy to quit. Several of my clients have started with a goal of moderation, and then decided they didn’t really want it in their lives at all.
However, please realize that this approach is gradual and gentle, so if you’re in a hurry to make a radical change overnight, it may not be right for you.

Will this work for me?

If you’re willing to follow a process, make some mistakes on the way, and be a little nicer to yourself than you’ve been in the past, yep, you can make it work for you.

What if I have alcoholic genes?

There is no alcoholic gene. Of course we’re all unique products of our nature (genes) and nurture (upbringing, social conditions). If you look for evidence that you can’t change yourself, you'll certainly find it. If you look for evidence that you can change, you’ll find that too.

Are you subtly pushing abstinence?

No way. I don't have a hidden agenda.  For what it's worth, I still drink moderately.

Will it last - is it sustainable?

This approach doesn't depend on willpower, gritting your teeth, and feeling deprived.    I'm teaching you to increase and apply your awareness so that you change your relationship to alcohol so that you just don't want it and need it in the same way.