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5 Strategies To Beat The Urge

Watch the video to learn how to get good at saying NO at the moment when it matters.

This video is one of the lessons in my course Deliberate Drinking Workshop, a comprehensive self-paced system for taking control of your drinking.   The word 'CRUX" refers to that moment of truth when you decide to drink or not.  

What now?

Here are 3 ways you can move forward to get control of your drinking.   
Option 1

Implement the 5 strategies

When you try out even just 2 or 3 of the strategies, you'll get useful insight into why you're having a hard time saying no and you'll see a difference in your drinking.  

Option 2


This course contains the complete process I use with my 1-on-1 clients.   It gives you the entire framework to gradually reduce your drinking.  Click here to check it out.  


Get on a free consult call

This is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to take control.    In less than hour you'll have a completely new understanding of why you're drinking, you'll know what steps you'll need to take to change your relationship with the stuff, and you'll feel inspired and energized to keep moving, whether that involves hiring me as your coach or using one of the above resources to do-it-yourself.  Click here to schedule your call.


RB from California

I’ve made great strides towards my ultimate goal. It’s a path, a gradual transition and I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made. I look forward to continuing that work. I’ve reduced my drinking by about 30% and I want to go further with it.

You make me think about myself in a different way. It opened up my mind a light about what motivates me, what’s right for me, how I could treat myself and improve myself, in ways that I never thought before.

James from Denver

I was making a lot of excuses around not doing the things I wanted to in the evening. Through my coaching sessions with Greg I found the power to stop my excuses, and now my nights are what I make of them.

I’ve reduced my drinking to what feels like the perfect level (by more than a half) and I enjoy my nights more than when I was drinking more (to my surprise). It feels good to be in control.

This process has changed my mindset and allowed me to be more present in other areas of my life. Since becoming a client of Greg’s I’ve taken my evenings back, and now we’ve moved into other areas of life coaching and it’s all been a tremendous help.

Mike from Arizona

I was going to say that the number one thing was the quantity reduction. But honestly just the fact that I think about drinking differently is a huge success. I am more aware of what it is about drinking that I enjoy, and also what I don’t enjoy. That ultimately is what led to my quantity being a quarter of where I was eight weeks ago.

 In eight weeks I cut it down by 75%. That's significant and I feel better and I feel like I have the tools to carry me through and help me maintain success and actually even continue to improve.