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I help high-performing professionals cut way back on their drinking.

You're a high-achieving guy, pretty disciplined in most of your life, and you just don’t understand how something that should be so easy is giving you such a hard time.

You manage people, make deals, and get things done.

But you can't seem to follow through on a commitment to yourself to 'skip it tonight'.   

In my one-on-one coaching program I utilize a unique approach that uses elements of mindfulness and modern neuroscience to change your relationship with alcohol.  

When you get a clear understanding of exactly what is driving your drinking, you'll be able to make different decisions that are aligned with your values and goals.   

It becomes easy to drink less, without relying on willpower, and without feeling like you’re missing out. 

'I just want to be in control'

That's the most common thing I hear from my clients.

Your drinking is probably not a crisis in your life, not yet anyway. And that makes it tougher to tackle. If you were a real mess, surely you'd take action, right? You'd have a compelling reason to make a change.  But right now it's tough to find the motivation to rock the boat, especially since you've been led to believe that your only choice is to quit completely.

That's a lie.  Abstinence is NOT the only or even the best solution.  Moderation is possible and it's not a half measure, or something you do en route to really solving the problem.

Other lies that you might be believing are:

  • I should be able to do this on my own.
  • This should be easy.
  • There's something wrong with me.
  • If I don't figure it out on my own that will lock in my status as a loser.
  • I know what to do, it's just a matter of doing it.  

Drink less instead of settling for less

You already have the ingredients for a great life, but you can't figure out why you feel incomplete and unsatisfied.

Drinking soothes these feelings, but it gets in the way of real satisfaction.   It depletes your energy.  It makes it so that nothing else is very interesting. It steals your confidence.  And worst of all, it makes the resulting situation tolerable, so that you keep putting up with it year after year.

When you solve this drinking issue, you'll see everything get better.   Your personal and social relationships will improve.  You'll show up differently at work - maybe you'll get a raise, or quit and start a business.   

You'll stop settling for mediocre. 

This site offers lots of free resources.  If you've got the time and the discipline to commit yourself to using them, to doing it the hard way, and for having it take at least twice as long, then get started.

But if you're ready to take control of your life, to show up as a leader in your family and your career, the best thing you can do is find a guide.   For anyone serious about taking control, I offer a free consult where we explore where you're at and where you want to be, and I show you how coaching will get you there.   Just this one call will break you out of the slump you're in.  You'll see a path to the control and confidence you want. 

Comments from my coaching clients...

LS from Missouri

Since I started working with you I’ve made a lot of changes.

To be honest, drinking was a symptom of not handling situations, not managing my thoughts. I had bad anxiety back when we started. I have so much less now. I got out of being fucking super anxious.

I have been able to reduce my alcohol intake by probably 60%, and I've been able to deal with the things that life throws at me in a more positive manager, with less anxiety, less stress, more zen. I feel like I'm a stronger leader in my household and a stronger leader at work. 

DG from Utah

I haven’t had anything to drink in months. And we also worked on other things in life - work and work relationships and even food. As of right now I’ve lost 44 pounds, most of that just in the last 3 months. So we've been kind of all over the place but it's worked.

I would say if that person truly wants to change, and is fed up with the lack of results in every other way that they’ve tried, having Greg to talk to is incredibly beneficial. I just don't see how it couldn't improve someone's situation, even if they don't think they can do it. I thought it was a very worthwhile investment, and if someone's on the fence just do it.

Mike from Arizona

I was going to say that the number one thing was the quantity reduction. But honestly just the fact that I think about drinking differently is a huge success. I am more aware of what it is about drinking that I enjoy, and also what I don’t enjoy. That ultimately is what led to my quantity being a quarter of where I was eight weeks ago.

 In eight weeks I cut it down by 75%. That's significant and I feel better.  I feel like I have the tools to carry me through and help me maintain success and actually continue to improve.


I'm Greg.

I used to really love beer.  Now I love life and merely enjoy an occasional drink. 

I help people live bigger more connected lives by enabling them to change their relationship with alcohol.