How To Change Your Drinking Habit

Are you interested in changing your drinking habit?

I want you to picture in your mind someone close to you who seems to have a great relationship with alcohol.

They enjoy it, but it’s no big deal for them. They can have just one or two, and it’s easy for them to say no.

What do you think they think about themselves and alcohol?

How are those thoughts different from what you think about yourself and alcohol?

You may think that you need to change your drinking habit, and then your thoughts will change.

That’s the hard way to do it.

Change your thinking and your drinking will change as a result.

Before I was a life and drinking coach, I was a remodeler. I’d demolish your outdated bathroom and replace it with a beautiful creation of tile and glass and wood.

Now, I’m a brain remodeler. I help you rip out the thoughts creating your current reality and install new ones that create the reality where you get what you want.

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