How To Stop Doing Dumb Shit

Do you engage in any dumb stuff that you would like to stop doing, like:

  • Drinking when you shouldn’t
  • Drinking more than you want
  • Staying up too late
  • Watching too much porn
  • Not exercising
  • Procrastinating
  • Scrolling, scrolling, and more scrolling on Facebook
  • Being busy without getting important things done

If yes, then read on…

Why do we do these things, and why is it so hard to stop?

The “why” is easy – because they make you feel good at that moment.

And we’re just humans. We’re wired to seek pleasure, avoid discomfort and pain, and conserve energy. Every one of those activities in that list satisfies at least one element of that motivational triad.

Stopping these actions requires an understanding of how they fit into a bigger cycle that is driven by emotion. Yes, emotion. And yes, this applies to you my friend, no matter how rational or logical you think you are.

Emotion is the fuel for our action and inaction, and when we try to change our actions using willpower, we inevitably fail.

But when you understand how emotion fits into the cycle, and when you develop the willingness and ability to ALLOW your emotions, you can interrupt the cycle.

To read more on how to break these habits in detail, and to see the single most important tool that you can use to change your relationship with alcohol, go here:

Breaking Drinking Habit.

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