Welcome to the Workshop!

One of the the things  you'll learn in this course is the relevance of emotion to behavior change.  That makes this a good time to check in with yourself - what are you feeling right now?  

Probably hope and anticipation that finally you've found 'the thing' that can enable to change your drinking, and maybe also some doubt that it can work for you.

Don't worry about that doubt - it's normal and doesn't mean that anything's gone wrong.  Just let it be there AND decide that you're going to do this process anyway.

Make the decision that you will follow through in investing the hour to watch the lessons and that you'll take 10 minutes to actually start doing the process TODAY.    Do that, and keep doing it tomorrow, and the next,  and in a week you'll be drinking less and more importantly, you'll generate proof that indeed this IS an approach that works for you.

Use the menus at left to navigate through the course.  If you're on mobile there will be an icon on the left that you press to show the menu.

Note that some of the lessons have links to .pdfs to supplement the video content.  So make sure you scroll down to find and access these.   

If you have questions or comments about the course, please reach out to me at