5 Strategies to Beat the Urge

  • How to recognize the Moment of Truth where success at moderation becomes real.
  • Get ready to take on your inner drink salesman.
  • Learn how to surf the urge so that it becomes an exercise in self-awareness instead of a miserable experience of deprivation.

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Here’s the deal with having control over alcohol.

You don't to be a better person, have a relationship with a higher power, or have more willpower..

It’s not because you have an allergy or defective gene, or too much stress.

It’s simply a matter of showing up to beer o’clock armed to the teeth with powerful arguments to shut down your inner drink pusher when he wants you to go overboard.

There comes a specific moment of truth at beer o'clock when you want a drink.

That’s when you need the 5 Strategies.

This free video training is actually an excerpt a course which provides the complete road map for taking control of your drinking.