Imagine being able to enjoy a drink or two

and then just naturally not wanting any more than that.

In this free video I explain DELIBERATE DRINKING: the 3-step process that’s helping men take control of their drinking.  

This is the ideal solution for guys who...

  • are driven, effective, and successful,
  • don’t think of themselves as alcoholics,
  • but want to drink less and feel in control.

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Here's what you'll learn: 

The ONE thing that is absolutely necessary for someone wanting to transform their relationship with alcohol.

What to start paying attention to in order to create a natural inclination towards drinking less.

The one crucial step (that's missing from other approaches) that converts setbacks into progress.

I'm also going to teach:

  • How to avoid the mistake that blocks your ability to achieve moderation.
  • How to become the kind of man who keeps commitments to himself.
  • How to address the drinking issue as part of a whole-life improvement project.

If you want simple proven techniques that you can use today to drink less - that’s here.

And if you want the complete map of how the DELIBERATE DRINKING program will enable you to solve this issue once and for all, that’s here too. 

Here's what I see in my clients' relationships with alcohol. 

  • Feeling out of control.
  • Drinking is a (not-very-good) reward for the grind.
  • It's a self-perpetuating routine and habit.

And this is what's happening (mostly unacknowledged) in the rest of their lives.

  • A sense of stagnation - ‘is this all there is?'
  • Important issues are going unaddressed - projects unfinished, conversations avoided...
  • Feeling burdened by too many responsibilities and expectations.
  • A feeling of not being allowed to be who you really are.
  • A realization that pursuit of achievement, status, and possessions hasn’t brought lasting satisfaction (even though you're 'succeeding'.) In fact the more ‘success’ the stronger the feeling of being trapped. 

All of these are fixable, and the good news is that the skills involved in fixing the drinking are perfectly applicable to every other area of your life.  But as long as you're self-soothing and distracting with alcohol, you can't generate the gumption to tackle these bigger issues.  

So first things first.  Fixing the drinking is the right place to begin.  Watch the video to get started.

Here's how coaching gave Mike the transformation he wanted.

"I was going to say that the number one thing was the quantity reduction. But honestly just the fact that I think about drinking differently is a huge success. I am more aware of what it is about drinking that I enjoy, and also what I don’t enjoy. That ultimately is what led to my quantity being a quarter of where I was eight weeks ago.

 In eight weeks I cut it down by 75%. That's significant and I feel better and I feel like I have the tools to carry me through and help me maintain success and actually even continue to improve."