Take control of your drinking, without having to quit.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re drinking 6-7 days a week, and you’d rather it were 3.
  • You often drink 4-5 drinks at a time, when 1 or 2 would make sense.
  • You don’t understand why you can’t control this one thing, because in the rest of your life you’re doing pretty well.
  • You waste your evenings vegged out with drinks and TV or social media, because you ‘deserve it’ for all your hard work.
  • You don’t know how to turn off from the workday without a drink to calm you down.
  • You constantly beat yourself up over your bad habit and you’re tired of the shame and regret.
  • Getting up in the morning sucks.  It’s not quite a hangover but ...
  • You know you could lose those 20 lbs if you cut back.

Here's what happens when you master moderation:

You spend your evenings doing things that are genuinely fun or useful, instead of vegging out with drinks and social media/TV.

You like yourself.

You don't hide from your wife or kids.

You lose weight.

You go to bed at a reasonable time.

You quit eating junk food late at night.

You wake up feeling fresh.

You get your work done and THEN enjoy a drink, instead of drinking while working and doing a poor job of both.

You have confidence and trust in yourself.

You get some exercise.

You give yourself REAL rewards for your hard work instead of the anti-reward of regret and brain-fog that you get from that 'deserved' drink.

You finding people that you really like to hang out with, instead of just people that drink with you.

You have time and energy to spend with your kids (and sett a great example for them.)

You're sharp and motivated at work.

You figuring out what your purpose is and then do it.

You'll live longer.

You do your art or sport.

You get laid more often.

Here's what the workshop covers:

  • 5 Strategies to help you say no even when you’d really like that next drink.
  • A daily protocol to systematically implement the Strategies. 
  • How to coach yourself - a guide for establishing a weekly self-coaching practice to keep yourself accountable.
  • Troubleshooting guide to overcome common pitfalls.
  • Multiple bonus trainings and worksheets to deepen your understanding and insight.

It's just what you need to change your relationship with alcohol and get back control.

Ben said this about the course.

Just wanted to reach out and let you know that this course has been excellent. Although I am only about a week in, I have already seen marked improvement in my relationship with alcohol. The daily plans have been very effective and even on the single day that I did not create them, my mental plan (using the framework of the form as well as what you outlined in the videos) was successful.
Thanks for creating the course!

You’ve got great discipline in other parts of your life. Now you want the same control over your drinking.

Until now, there's just not been help out there for guys like you.

Your only choice has been try to to figure out on your own how to achieve that magical in-between, or keep going until you crash and burn, and then have to quit completely.  That sounds terrible, both the crashing-and-burning, and quitting.

This is different. This approach is specifically geared towards helping you achieve that perfect in-between amount of drinking. 

What if I get stuck?

I've included bonus video trainings to strengthen your ability to keep following through for yourself.

Raise your awareness

It’s so easy to fall into autopilot mode and keep repeating the same patterns.
I’ve included a bonus video that will teach you how to develop a different type of awareness that will keep you present in the moment

Emotions & Why They Matter

That feeling of the urge is really strong. I don’t know if I can manage it.
Another of the bonuses explains a new way to understand and manage emotions - and the urge is actually a type of emotional response - so that it’s not nearly so uncomfortable.

Anatomy of a Habit

I really don’t understand why I keep doing this to myself.
In addition to the daily protocol which helps you identify your inner drives to drink, I’ve added two bonuses to help you understand better why alcohol has such a strong pull on you.

Still not sure? Don't worry.
If you’re not satisfied with the workshop within 7 days, I’ll give you your money back.

Frequently asked questions

Is moderation realistic for me?

This course is not intended for people who consider themselves ‘real alcoholics’, have physical addiction symptoms, or who are facing serious repercussions from their drinking.

But if you’re someone who just drinks a little too much, whether that's a few too many drinks each night, or the occasional failure of your off-switch, moderation is possible. The black-and-white thinking that tells you that your only choice is to quit entirely is based on 85 year-old pseudo-science and moralistic thinking. Modern neuroscience and psychology, and the experience of me and my clients, says otherwise.

I know a lot about this subject already, what’s new here?

Most of what you’ve heard focuses on changing your action of drinking, without giving you any tools to understand and modify the underlying mindset - your thoughts and feelings - that drive the action. And those approaches expect that all of a sudden you can turn into someone who creates new habits overnight.
This approach gets you under the hood of your brain, and it expects you to be a regular human who doesn’t do things perfectly the first time.

Can I use this process to quit?

Absolutely. The end goal of the process is for you to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about drinking that makes it easy to quit. Several of my clients have started with a goal of moderation, and then decided they didn’t really want it in their lives at all.
However, please realize that this approach is gradual and gentle, so if you’re in a hurry to make a radical change overnight, it may not be right for you.

Will this work for me?

If you’re willing to follow a process, make some mistakes on the way, and be a little nicer to yourself than you’ve been in the past, yep, you can make it work for you.

What if I have alcoholic genes?

There is no alcoholic gene. Of course we’re all unique products of our nature (genes) and nurture (upbringing, social conditions). If you look for evidence that you can’t change yourself, you'll certainly find it. If you look for evidence that you can change, you’ll find that too.

Are you subtly pushing abstinence?

No way. I don't have a hidden agenda.  My target client wants to moderate, and I still drink moderately.

Will it last - is it sustainable?

This approach doesn't depend on willpower, gritting your teeth, and feeling deprived.    I'm teaching you to increase and apply your awareness so that you make better decisions in the short term, and actually change your relationship to alcohol over the time so that it's not a big deal.

I love Deliberate Drinking because I've found that drinking less is a lot more fun than drinking more.

And when I apply this method to the rest of my life by paying attention and making intentional choices instead of doing things out of habit, I get more of what I want.

Hey, I’m Greg.
I drank pretty much every day for 30 years. I was into the craft beer and homebrew scene and brewed over 1000 gallons of delicious IPA. I really liked beer!

And while I never suffered anything catastrophic from it, I finally got tired of spending every night numbed out in my mancave while settling for mediocrity in my construction business, my marriage, and my health and hobbies.

For a while I cut back using discipline and exercise. But alcohol was still pretty important to me, and in fact my new girlfriend (now my wife) worried about my drinking.

It wasn’t until I trained to become a life coach that I really transformed my relationship with alcohol. I identified what was going on in my brain when I thought I needed a drink, and used that insight to make better decisions and eventually reduce my desire for it. Now I have a completely take-it-or-leave it attitude towards drinking that makes it easy and natural to drink moderately.

I get to take all that time and energy that was spent on beer and recovering from beer, and apply it towards a great marriage, a strong and healthy body, and a line of work that I really enjoy.  And still enjoy a nice cocktail or two when I want.