How To Drink Less

You won't drink less if you don't manage the craving. 

Here's a short easy-to-understand video that teaches a new comfortable way to manage the craving.  You can put this method into use today and you'll be able to start drinking less right away.   It really works that well. 

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"This is great, I actually saved this video to my phone because I love the illustration part of it & that way I'm able to pull this up whenever I want and need a nice reminder"



"That was terrific! Loved it and am trying it now…"



"Thanks for making a simple video with a simple explanation on how our minds work. I think it's going to help me a lot... By Wed I am struggling, so I used your technique of riding out the craving. It's working for food when I'm sober, so I am looking forward to using it when I'm in my cups."