Suffering From Lack Of Satisfaction?

Are you suffering from being unsatisfied?

You are…

I know this because you’re human. And even for those of us with the best lives, there’s always some area where we want more.

I want you to think about where you’re unsatisfied in your life. It might be your job, relationship, or drinking. Go deep for a minute, wallow in the lack.

What does it FEEL like?

I mean in your body – can you find a sensation? Try to describe it to yourself:

  • Where is it?
  • What color is it?
  • Is it fast or slow?
  • Does it have a texture?

Okay, that wasn’t fun, but it was manageable right? Better than getting poked with a sharp stick. Not as tough as a hard set at the gym, or a bad headache.

Now let’s talk about drinking too much.

One of the reasons you drink too much might be that that you’re not paying attention. You’re letting yourself operate on autopilot instead of living decisively. If this is you, then the first thing you have to do is WAKE UP. It’s really not that hard.

Now if you’re awake and still drink too much, it’s because you’re deciding to.

Congratulations! This is a far more powerful way to live than sleepwalking, even if they aren’t great decisions you’re making.

Then the question is simply why are you deciding to drink when you shouldn’t?

The answer is lack of satisfaction (or being unsatisfied). A version of that same feeling we just explored. That’s all there is to it.

Think about eating. In theory, we eat when we’re hungry, and we stop eating when we’re full.

But how often do you keep eating, and why? It is because you feel unsatisfied. If you like sweets as I do, this is where you see this the most.


Unsatisfied! It is a feeling involving some mild body sensation – a feeling that you live with daily (because you’re human).

If you will decide that you’re willing to be in a state of being unsatisfied with a drink, you’ll be able to decide “No”.

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