There is Absolutely Nothing Wrong with You

Have you ever doubted yourself? Think something’s wrong or you just don’t feel good about yourself?

You Are Worthy

You are 100% worthy; just for being here, alive, and breathing. Nothing you’ve done, or not done, and nothing that has been done to you, can change that.

I was resistant to this statement when I first read it.

I have had a long history of measuring worthiness – mine and other peoples – based on their achievements, skills, and intelligence.

These various standards I used for judging seemed very realistic and ‘true’. And to my analytical mind, it seemed useful to be making these assessments.

But I was intrigued by that statement about 100 percent worthiness.

I would come back to it often in my reading, and I began to see how it was useful.

Can Judging Others Lead To Unhappiness?

I was beginning to realize how all of my judgment was actually a major source of unhappiness. When I judged other people, I experienced conflict and disconnection. When I judged myself, I felt small and timid and acted accordingly.

I could see that if I became convinced of the truth of that statement, my life would be better. I would feel better, I would become a bolder and more effective person, and I would have better relationships.

I still felt like it needed proof. Did I have to believe in God or consciousness or something like that for it to be true? If so, which god or which religion? What other evidence could I find?

Eventually, I realized that I didn’t need proof. I could just choose to believe it. A belief is just something that we’ve thought over and over.

So that’s what I’ve done – practiced that thought until now, I just believe it.

What does this have to do with you, or drinking, or coaching?

It means that when I coach you, I don’t have judgment. I have complete confidence in your eventual success. I’m not trying to fix or cure you. I have just one job – to show you how your current thinking is creating your current results.

Then I help you imagine different results, and I help you cultivate the thoughts that create them.


When you get the thoughts right, the results follow, always.

You’re worthy. You’re perfect. If you want something different from life, you deserve it. And you can create it.

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