[Video] A Balancing Act (Literally)

I was looking back over the blog posts I’ve been publishing, and they’re a little heavy, what with all the talk of shame, Erectile Dysfunction, setbacks, commitment, and failure.

I think it’s time to lighten up.

Because in the end, the best reason to do any of this stuff is to have some fun.

My wife and I spent the weekend at a beach shack ‘resort’ with six of our friends.

One of the highlights was getting to learn something new. They had a ratchet strap stretched tight between two trees – a slackline. I’d been interested in trying this for some time. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and got busy.

I was pretty happy that I could do this by the end of the day:

What’s this got to do with drinking less?

I’ll leave it to you to make the inferences regarding healthy living, being willing to fail, and blah blah blah… Mostly I hope you’ll get a smile out of an oldish dog learning a new trick.

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