Get Your Drinking Under Control

Want to cut back, and NOT have to quit?

DELIBERATE DRINKING is the program that will put you back in charge.

You’re drinking too much, as simple as that.

You know it on those mornings when you wake up with that foggy groggy feeling. That’s if you haven’t been laying there wide awake, tossing and turning with anxiety and self-loathing since 4 am.

You know it when your wife gives you that hard look out of the corner of her eyes as you pour yourself another drink.

You know it when you sneak a quick swig when you get a minute alone in the kitchen.

You feel out of control. How is it that a high-functioning professional like you can’t solve what should be an easy problem? 

It's not like you don't know the consequences.

You can’t ignore those extra 30 lbs. You’re not proud of the example you’re setting for your kids. You know you could be more productive and creative in your work. And then there’s the potential long term health effects - high blood pressure, fatty liver, pre-diabetes, low testosterone.

So day after day you tell yourself ‘I’ll skip it tonight.’

But by mid afternoon when the stress of the day sets in, you start feeling like you need and deserve that reward. You give in, again.

You don't think you're an alcoholic, and you don’t want to quit completely. You've tried Sober Octobers, counting your drinks, alternating with water. None of it has led to reliable and enjoyable moderation. Maybe this isn’t so easy after all.

This could be your New Normal.

  • You reduce your overall drinking by 50-75%.
  • You have one or two drinks and just naturally stop there because it feels like enough.
  • You have honest discussions with your partner about parenting principles, or sex, or where you go on vacation, instead of passive-aggressive bickering fueled by shame. 
  • When you have to take home work in the evening, you bust through it in an hour instead of dragging it out for 3X as long while you ‘reward yourself’ with 3 glasses of wine.
  • You start the workday feeling fresh, optimistic and creative instead of hazy and regretful.

When you eliminate the excess desire you have for alcohol and are living in this new normal, there’ll be space for your true desires to reveal themselves. You might want more than Normal.

That’s exciting as hell, and it will feel dangerous. But with the emotional mastery you’ll develop as you change your relationship to alcohol, you’ll have the confidence to embrace that danger. That’s when you get to really come alive. Whether you crave connection, contribution, or challenge and adventure, you’ll be equipped to take the necessary action to turn your Desire into Reality.

This is where Deliberate Drinking comes in.

It’s a program of 1-to-1 coaching over a period of 6 months.

I lead you through a 5-step process where you become a master of your emotional experience. You see precisely the real-time linkage between your thoughts and feelings, and the drinking behavior they cause.

You'll learn a new way to manage this discomfort that doesn’t involve numbing out with a bottle of wine or pre-gaming with a shot while you're mixing a margarita. 

We start off with a complimentary 1 hour consultation to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.  During this call we’ll talk about what your current drinking is like and how you got here.

We’ll identify your hard and soft goals - how much and how often you want to drink, and how you want to feel about yourself and drinking.

I’ll explain exactly the steps you can take to make the transformation you’re after. I’ll show you how coaching can support you and answer all your questions about the program and the guarantee.

How conventional approaches get it wrong

Most approaches to quitting or moderation focus on the action of drinking.

Yet the actions we take in our lives are just symptoms. Effective intervention requires identifying and solving for causes.

So in this program we don’t waste time making rules, tracking drinks, and counting days.

Instead we dig into the guts of exactly what was going on with you last Friday when you didn’t follow through on your intentions. Were you paying attention, or were you on autopilot? What was happening outside of you? What was happening inside? How did you rationalize your decisions?

We're also going to look into what’s going on in the rest of your life that affects your drinking. Drink coaching is life coaching, and we deal with all of it - relationships, work, productivity, sense of purpose.

WHY 6 months?

It is NOT going to take 6 months for you to achieve a major reduction in the quantity of your drinking. Some people start seeing changes in week 2, most have major reductions by month 2.

But we’re not going for a quick fix.

You’ve got more important things to do than to spend the rest of your life controlling your drinking. You want to BECOME the person who has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, where alcohol isn’t a big deal.

It takes time to create and lock in this new self-concept of who you are in relation to alcohol.

We’ll also use this time to absolutely master the tools that you use to change your drinking and begin applying them to other parts of your life.

The end result is that your energy and drive and desire is freed up to do things in life that matter. That could be creating a fun and loving marriage, raising self-reliant and conscientious kids, making more money, giving back to your community, or having challenging adventures.


WHAT!? It may surprise you to hear that alcohol isn’t the real problem. Yeah it creates problems but it's not the problem. Neither is the problem your genetics or family history or even years of heavy partying.

In fact alcohol is solving a problem for you, namely the problem of discomfort.

This is explained by the Drinking Equation


When you find yourself drinking against your will, it’s because some form of emotional discomfort is driving that action.

Your relationship to your emotions is the real issue.   
You'll get the control you seek when you change how  you manage uncomfortable emotions.

DELIBERATE: done consciously and intentionally; careful and unhurried.

Deliberate Drinking is all about learning how to live a more intentional and unhurried life, starting with changing how you drink.

When you learn how to face and embrace your emotions, you'll realize that some of these 'problems' you've been solving with alcohol aren't that big of a deal. You may realize that others are a big deal and it’s high time to do something about them.  Either way, you'll stop looking to a drink as the solution. 

You'll make decisions with the big picture in mind instead of in reaction to urges and stress. And you'll learn how to consistently honor the commitments you make to yourself.

The work we do together is organized around a 5-step process, but this isn’t a course. You’re not buying sessions or modules, homework or worksheets. You’re entering into a 6-month partnership with me to transform yourself and your drinking.  In those 6 months we’re going to do whatever it takes to get you the result you want. 

Hi, I'm Greg. 

I was a daily drinker for 30 years, and I often told myself ‘I love good beer’.

My dedication to craft beer wasn’t creating any obvious crisis, but I was using it to tolerate mediocrity in my life. My marriage and my career were stale. I was carrying an extra 20 lbs on my belly and (second) chin, my knees and back hurt, and when I dared to admit it, I was frustrated with my life. 

When I re-entered the dating world after the amicable breakup of my 20-year marriage, I faced some serious questions. Who am I, what do I want, and what do I have to offer?

This led me into an intense period of personal and spiritual development. I read voraciously about neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. I cut way back on my drinking and earned a certification as a life coach from one of the premier coach training programs in the US.

I've completely changed my relationship with alcohol so that I truly have a take-it-or-leave it attitude. I rarely want more than one drink, and haven’t been anywhere close to drunk in years. This is in stark contrast to the previous 30 years where the great majority of weekends involved at least one hangover.

The bottom line is that I understand personal transformation as a trained expert and as someone who’s in the trenches working on himself. This is why I’m the perfect person to help you solve this issue in your life.

Comments from my coaching clients...


You’ve probably tried doing it on your own and it hasn’t worked. You might have even found someone else that you thought could help you and that wasn't successful. So now you have even more doubt of whether you can know if something is the real deal or not.

If Greg’s approach that he lays out in his emails and other content appeals to you, ask yourself 'what’s different and why are you following his content?'

What I can tell you is, whenever you take your own life and behaviors, and you dissect those at an even deeper level with Greg, those tools become exponentially more effective.  I can tell you whenever you go deep through coaching, it's gonna be 10 times more powerful and your results will be tenfold as well.


I was making a lot of excuses around not doing the things I wanted to in the evening. Through my coaching sessions with Greg I found the power to stop my excuses, and now my nights are what I make of them.

I’ve reduced my drinking to what feels like the perfect level (by more than a half) and I enjoy my nights more than when I was drinking more (to my surprise). It feels good to be in control.

This process has changed my mindset and allowed me to be more present in other areas of my life. Since becoming a client of Greg’s I’ve taken my evenings back, and now we’ve moved into other areas of life coaching and it’s all been a tremendous help.


I’ve made great strides towards my ultimate goal. It’s a path, a gradual transition and I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made. I look forward to continuing that work. I’ve reduced my drinking by about 30% and I want to go further with it.

You make me think about myself in a different way. It opened up my mind a light about what motivates me, what’s right for me, how I could treat myself and improve myself, in ways that I never thought before.


" Greg puts the power of changing your perspectives, reactions, and behaviors squarely in your own hands. I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from what Greg has to offer."


"If you want to experience full emotional freedom fast, go to Gregory. His coaching style is direct, yields fast results, and is supportive and compassionate too. In just one session I felt a deeper level of happiness and ease that I had not experienced in some time. Thank you Gregory."


" Working with Greg has helped me make significant improvements in my personal life and in my relationships. He helped me learn new methods that I now use with the problems that I face. I feel calmer and more centered when responding to emotional issues.

Greg has helped me to learn greater acceptance, not only for who I am, but also for who others are as well. 

I drink half of what I used to and it's easy with the techniques I've learned.

Before I started working with Greg I was feeling a little lost and spent a lot of time trying to justify my life. Now I feel reassured of my worth in the world and my own belief in myself.
Because of the coaching I no longer find myself wondering where the night went and 4-6 drinks have been consumed for 'no reason'.
I drink half of what I used to and it's easy with the techniques I've learned."

Frequently asked questions

Is moderation realistic for me?

This program is not intended for people who consider themselves ‘real alcoholics’, have physical addiction symptoms, or who are facing serious repercussions from their drinking.

But if you’re someone who just drinks a little too much, whether that's a few too many drinks each night, or the occasional failure of your off-switch, moderation is possible. The black-and-white thinking that tells you that your only choice is to quit entirely is based on 85 year-old pseudo-science and moralistic thinking. Modern neuroscience and psychology, and the experience of me and my clients, says otherwise.

I know a lot about this subject already, what’s new here?

Most of what you’ve heard focuses on changing your action of drinking, without giving you any tools to understand and modify the underlying mindset that drive the action. And those approaches expect that all of a sudden you can turn into someone who creates new habits overnight.
My approach gets under the hood of your brain, and it expects you to be a regular human who doesn’t do things perfectly the first time.

Can I use this process to quit?

Absolutely. The end goal of the process is for you to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about drinking that makes it easy to quit. Several of my clients have started with a goal of moderation, and then decided they didn’t really want it in their lives at all.
However, please realize that this approach is gradual and gentle, so if you’re in a hurry to make a radical change overnight, it may not be right for you.

Will this work for me?

If you’re willing to follow a process, make some mistakes on the way, and be a little nicer to yourself than you’ve been in the past, yep, you can make it work for you.

What if I have alcoholic genes?

There is no alcoholic gene. Of course we’re all unique products of our nature (genes) and nurture (upbringing, social conditions). If you look for evidence that you can’t change yourself, you'll certainly find it. If you look for evidence that you can change, you’ll find that too.

Are you subtly pushing abstinence?

No way. I don't have a hidden agenda.  For what it's worth, I still drink moderately.

Will it last - is it sustainable?

This approach doesn't depend on willpower, gritting your teeth, and feeling deprived.    I'm teaching you to increase and apply your awareness so that you change your relationship to alcohol so that you just don't want it and need it in the same way.

Deliberate Drinking

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