You Get To Do Whatever The Hell You Want

Do you get to do whatever you want?

If you do whatever you want…

Just be sure you like your reasons.

This is one of my favorite teachings from my coach. Those two sentences together represent pure “Freedom and Responsibility”.

Here are some reasons to drink:

  • to enjoy a great tasting beverage
  • to experience the warm glow of a little buzz
  • to feel connected with other people drinking
  • to feel more loose and relaxed in a social situation
  • to take the edge off – to dull the feeling of some  uncomfortable emotion
  • because others are drinking and you don’t want to miss out
  • because it’s there
  • because you might as well
  • because it’s beer thirty
  • because you have nothing else to do with your hands
  • because you want to disconnect from the world

And some reasons not to drink:

  • there’s nothing available that you enjoy the taste of
  • you know you won’t enjoy the buzz right now
  • you’re better off feeling that edginess – maybe it will get you moving to fix some things
  • you’ve had enough
  • you’ve had all that you planned to have for the day/night
  • you want to maintain a high energy level
  • you want to sleep well and wake up feeling great
  • it’s not 5:00 yet
  • it’s not good for you
  • you’re out of beer
  • you’re wasted
  • you’re out of money
  • your friends/partner doesn’t want you to

When you drink, why?

And when you don’t, why?


There are no good or bad reasons for either. The only thing that matters is whether YOU like YOUR reasons.

Do you?

How you drink follows directly from how you think.

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